September 28, 1997, Apple has taught the world to think differently, starting the legendary ad campaign “Think Different”. Its author is Lee Clow, who wrote the script of the famous infomercial “1984”, recognized as a masterpiece, the best advertising of the 80s.

In 1997, Steve jobs returned in fact on ruins once the company he founded. In August, Apple had to cooperate with the sworn enemy — Microsoft — to get investment software for Macintosh. Now the task was to prove that Apple is still alive and that she was special.

Clow and jobs came up with the slogan: “Think Different” “Think different.” Strictly speaking, it did not fit the grammar rules, because it was necessary to use the adverb: “Think Differently”. But jobs insisted on special meaning: “Think not the same, think different.”

Advertising poster, “Think Different”

The advertising campaign was incredibly successful, collected numerous awards, but most importantly — returned Apple’s countercultural image and love those who are called artists.

With this motto on the logo of the company existed prior to 2002, and during that time managed to produce, for example, the iPod, seriously changed the music industry and really forced publishers as well as users, think about digital music anyway.

28 Sep 1998, Internet Explorer for the first time became the most popular browser in the world. To compete in the time he had with Netscape Navigator, which now can remember only the old users of the Internet. In fact, this achievement was the finale of the “First war of the browsers”, and the success of Microsoft development is easy to explain: Internet Explorer 4.0 was installed together with Windows 98, a very popular home operating system late 90s.

The course of “the First browser wars”

The peak of the popularity of IE has reached out to 2002: then through the browser looking at the web over 90% of users. But after a few years of serious competition for him began to make Firefox is the heir of Netscape, created a non-profit organization Mozilla Foundation. And by the end of the decade, first came Google Chrome.

Current data on shares of browsers vary widely, but most reports indicate the superiority of the Chrome and mobile versions.

28 September 1980 Microsoft executives took a historic decision to sign a contract with IBM. In the summer of that year bill gates, Paul Allen and Kai Niches met with representatives of IBM, the last said that the company plans to release a personal computer. Initially it was about buying products such as programming languages Microsoft BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, but IBM was asked to create and operating system for a new computer. After several months of consideration, Microsoft gave consent. That day decided the future of the IBM PC, and therefore, almost all personal computers of the late twentieth century.

Took the operating system 86-DOS, Seattle Computer Products company that has agreed to sell, not knowing about the true customer. Later Microsoft was able to lure developers and 86-DOS, but the end result was the release of MS-DOS v1.0 in August 1981 that IBM supplied under the name PC DOS.

Microsoft and IBM continued to work closely for many years, creating later, for example, operating system, OS/2. However, when Microsoft realized that its own development is getting acceptance and popularity, the way companies sold.

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