On 12 January 2005 from Cape Canaveral launched the device Deep Impact. The purpose of the mission of NASA was to study the comet Tempel 1. Deep Impact was the first machine in history that dropped on the comet probe rammed its surface, and photographed at close range. The collision and explosion of the comet stood out a little water and a lot of dust. This suggests that the comet consisted not of ice, as originally intended.

In addition, the release found carbon dioxide and organic compounds. After a flyby of comet Tempel apparatus itself Deep Impact remains operational and NASA sent him to the comet 103P/Hartley, which he passed on 4 November 2010. The equipment on the ship detected unusual jets of gas and dust, and the infrared spectrum, scientists have found that these eruptions consist of sublimating carbon dioxide, which is mixed with snow and ice. The last time the device was released on bond August 8, 2013, and September 20, NASA announced the completion of the mission. Perhaps, Deep Impact would have been more, but due to a failure in the computer program, the unit has lost orientation in space.

12 January 2005, Samsung announced the creation of the telephone, which responds to motion in space. The model received food name SCH-S310 and was the first such device. Similar technology has been in development from IBM and Microsoft, but Samsung was ahead. The Koreans assumed that this feature will be very popular and people very quickly learn to use it. They assumed that it will be possible to dial a number without a keyboard, and drawing figures in the air. In fact, inside was a 6-axis accelerometer, which is now in almost all smartphones. And here are the numbers we dialed on the keypad and dialed, only that she was now touch. Alas, development and ideas to the Korean developers did not catch on, but now an accelerometer is used for many other things, for example, in all sorts of fitness programs.

12 January 2006 came the first iMac based on Intel. Before that, Apple used IBM PowerPC. The new model was equipped with Intel Core Duo and worked on Mac OS X. as a bonus to the new computer as a gift was the package updated iLife’06, which was iPhoto, GarageBand, iDVD, iMovie HD and iWeb.

The new iMac lineup was working on the chart, ATI Radeon X1600, had 512 MB of RAM DDR2, hard disk 500 GB and optical drive SuperDrive with support for VD. In addition, there were Ethernet adapters, AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0, outside the computer had 5 USB ports, two FireWire 400 and mini-DVI.

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