Despite the fact that the Apple smart watch is available on store shelves is not the first third parties and not created for the Apple Watch no unusual accessories. Now everything is limited to only charging stations, straps and covers. However, the designer company CO Design Lab is still able to come up with something unusual.

Joyce Kang has developed the concept of a special case under the name of the Pod Case, which is to turn the Apple Watch Series 4 in a fairly compact player that looks somewhat similar to the first generation iPod.

The cover shall be made of soft material. But there will be special hard inserts. For example, part of the rear surface of the Pod Case, the author proposes to carry out ceramics. Thus, the watch can be recharged without removal from the case.

Hard to say, will be solved if someone from a third-party to implement a similar concept. But the idea itself looks very interesting – the designer literally has created a new concept of using the Apple Watch, which should appeal to those who are nostalgic for the iPod.


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