Importantly, the development has reached the producers.

A group of Russian scientists has developed an improved lithium-ion batteries, capable of operating at 15-25% longer than traditional models. Experts managed well to increase the capacity of batteries while reducing their size. Currently, the scientists are looking for representatives of equipment manufacturers who may be interested in using batteries of a new type.

Scientists from Russia together with the Chinese colleagues have found a way to increase the storage capacity of a traditional lithium-ion batteries. This was done through the creation of new solid electrolyte and then adding it to the cathode of the battery. Due to such unusual solutions battery capacity and work to increase to 25%. The solid electrolyte was synthesized as a graduate student of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great Daniel Alexandrov.

Experts have successfully tested the created the battery of a new type — it can be used in devices for the mass market. However, the researchers stressed that the use of improved lithium-ion batteries is possible in a wide range of devices ranging from smartphones and tablets, ending the electric car. The results were demonstrated at a scientific conference in Qingdao, China.

Now scientists — or rather their partners from the research center in China, you need to find potential customers willing to use new development in their devices.

Source: eurekalert.


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