That iPhone case X can strongly peel, first became known last fall, when the smartphone was presented only. Related discussions continue to appear on Reddit and the forum support Apple, and basically a defect occurs in iPhone X in the colour space grey. In all cases the problem was solved the same way: X iPhone brought to Apple Store confirmed the defect and issued a new device.

Here’s how clambered iPhone X from first time buyers:

With the same problem recently, had to face the founder Michael Queen — the paint was severely worn with the side faces it iPhone X. one thing if the smartphone really operated carelessly; but all the time of purchase it was in the case. Not cheap from China, but the real brand silicone case Apple.

As in many other similar cases, the problem was solved by a visit to the Apple Store, where Michael was given a new iPhone X in return of the defective. The consultant could not answer the question of why it happened. But without question gave a new phone (if you have a similar problem — feel free to change iPhone). Interestingly, the Apple Store replaced without problems, even the case, although they were asked to change only the iPhone. Damage cases are often blamed on the characteristics of operation, but the Apple Store does not have to do so.

However, the owner is not immune from repeated scenario. Why?

Why is peeling off iPhone

Although the front and back panel X iPhone is made of glass, the frame and the frame body is made of steel. In the case with a smartphone in color space grey on polished steel applied black paint, which, apparently, was not very successful. So over time it wears out (even the same brand case from Apple).

Interestingly, silver iPhone X immune to this “disease” — its side faces are not covered with paint. However, there can appear another problem — polished steel scratch-sensitive, the owners of older iPod know about it very well. Nevertheless, the model in the white color, obviously still more “practical”.

Despite the large number of such cases, Apple has not announced about the global problem. And it is unlikely that the company would do it: she has still not recovered from the scandal with a slowing iPhone. Besides, it’s easier to replace the mobile under warranty when you call, than to declare “an epidemic”.


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