Cool dialer for adequate money.

In the last few years, Russia has seen an increased demand for conventional mobile phones. The Russians buy them as reliable “dialers” that can offload the main smartphone and allow to remain always connected without thinking about how to recharge the phone. The company has not noticed the interest of the Russians and released a new mobile phone Philips Xenium E580, which can rightly be called perfect “dialer”. It can even charge your smartphone!

Philips Xenium E580 — not a cheap push-button telephone plastic. At Philips, positioning the device as a business accessory. And the design of the phone confirms this.

Xenium E580 has a classic to push-button phone form factor monoblock. Back cover with easy to grab the fillet is made of metal. The texture of the cover looks flashy but modern. Metal elements are on the front surface under the screen. The metal made the phone relatively heavy toy he just does not think. The weight of the phone is 144,5 g, dimensions — 133,5×57×14.9 mm.

QVGA phone display has a diagonal 2.8 inches — enough to be free to consider any text and not to look. Manufacturers rarely pay attention to the screens in push-button telephones, but in the case of Xenium E580 different. Display the matrix has wide viewing angles, excellent color reproduction and high brightness.

The last point is particularly important, but, of course, is not to be viewed on the phone screen movies. Even on a Sunny day on the screen Xenium E580 will see any content. Display brightness is enough for comfortable work.

For performance the CPU MTK6260. Chip for this class of phones is powerful, that there directly in the work. No slowdown or lockups — for every action users the phone responds instantly. In the case of a working auxiliary phone is really important. By the way, these are not able to provide inexpensive smartphones — models for little money will definitely slow down.

Internal memory available to the user at Xenium E580 only 2.4 MB. But there is a separate slot for memory card microSD up to 32 GB. Given that right in the phone, you can download music, and the battery life of the device almost a record, the unit turns in the music player when needed. Again, the important thing is that all such load is removed from the primary smartphone that can preserve battery power longer.

Xenium E580 has two slots for SIM-cards — Mini-SIM and Micro-SIM. Both SIM cards work simultaneously, including if cards from different operators. Of wireless connections it should be noted support for Bluetooth 3.0. The phone can connect a headset or wireless headphone.

A key feature of Xenium E580 — battery. The phone has a battery capacity of 3100 mAh! Just for comparison, the record holder among iPhone, a 6.5-inch “spade” iPhone XS Max for 100 thousand rubles, the battery capacity 3174 mAh. Only 74 mAh more than this budget longevity from Philips. If we compare Xenium E580 with other Apple smartphones, then there is the abyss. The iPhone 7, for example, the battery capacity of 1960 mAh.

Battery capacity Xenium E580 gives the opportunity to work on really long without having to recharge. In talk mode, active and demanding mode, the phone works up to 39 hours. Just think, almost two days of non-stop conversation! In everyday mode, Xenium E580 will last for a whole week and on the weekends ask him for a quick recharge. No modern smartphone can not boast of anything similar.

Xenium E580 is the perfect companion for a basic smartphone for another reason. Users can charge the smartphone DIRECTLY from the phone using a OTG adapter that comes in the kit. The capacity of the phone enough to charge the same iPhone 7 to 50% and then bespokoiny to continue to work even two days in a daily regime.

The phone has a camera with a resolution of 2 MP and flash. Of course, good pictures on it do not work. But to capture, for example, the document for later viewing on a computer — no question.

The release date of Philips Xenium E580

Philips Xenium E580 will be available in Russia in February 2019.

The Price Of Philips Xenium E580

The recommended price of Philips Xenium E580 — 4990 roubles.


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