BEIJING, may 20 — RIA Novosti. The probability that the Chinese authorities will take “punitive measures” against American companies because of U.S. sanctions against Huawei is very small, because this will cause more damage to China, told RIA Novosti assistant Professor, research Institute of international relations of Nanjing University of the modes of Jungle.

The U.S. Department of Commerce stated that it intends to make a Huawei in the black list for activities contrary to U.S. national security. Earlier on Monday, Reuters reported that Google stopped doing business with Huawei in connection with the introduction of it in this list. The Agency noted that the Chinese side will lose access to the hardware and software products, with the exception of those that fall under the license of open source.

According to the expert, such “antiglobalistic methods” of the US due to the fact that they are in an advantageous position compared with China, and “holding all the cards”.

“The United States mainly produce high-tech products, taking global transportation leader, China also occupies a lower position, weaker than the United States,” — said the expert.

In addition, a very large percentage of China’s population engaged in the global transportation system.

As noted by the expert, for the United States limit the activities of Huawei means that “in the battle with the enemy the loss of the enemy is 1000, and your — 800”. If China accepts such “punitive measures” against American companies, the result is “1000 from the enemy, and their -1200 or 1500,” says Gong Jungle.

Therefore, from the viewpoint of “profitability”, says the expert, is absolutely unfavorable actions. He believes that if the Chinese government will take even tougher action against Apple, perhaps the most damage will be caused to the industrial sector of China.

In these circumstances, the government of China considers the modes of Jungle tries from a position of “moral superiority” to criticize the United States. Why China is betting on “the banner of globalization”, trying to make the promotion of globalization with its special mission and responsibility.

“So the likelihood that China will take punitive measures or sanctions against American companies in China, especially for companies with large-scale production chain, not very big,” — concluded the expert.

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