Member of expert Council of state Duma Committee on information policy Evgeny Lifshitz praised a law banning the sale of gadgets without Russian software.
The state Duma adopted in the first reading the bill providing for the preset Russian software for smartphones, computers and smart TVs. Federal law will enter into force on 1 July 2020.

However, by law there are some issues, says the head of the Agency of Cyber security, member of the expert Council of the Duma Committee on Informatica, information technologies and communications of Evgeny Lifshitz. Most important: what will happen to Apple? This company is not fundamentally presets for their products third-party software.

— Will the company operate outside the law, considering the small for her volume of the Russian market? Going to make an exception for her, and if so, then what is the meaning of the law? This is a difficult ideological issue, not only commercial, — the expert said in an exclusive interview with the International press-center “MICRO-Media”. We will see which way things will turn. You can, of course, to lose major players on the market, and this is a serious risk to consumers.

In the future, the law can strengthen, in his view, China’s interest in the Russian market. In addition, we should not expect the evolution of Russian and troubleshoot its problems, as it requires very different solutions.

— It turns out that first of all will be obliged to use the “Aurora” and “Satellite”, and then the statistics will write about the unprecedented growth of their popularity in Russia, — said Evgeny Lifshitz. — Everything is concentrated on smartphones in connection with this law, but we also recall that the law also covers computers and smart TVs sold in Russia. Do not understand what this means, Windows or Office will also be substituted? Still, of course, funny moment, mobile devices, computers and smart TVs use not only physical but also legal entities, which are not subject to the law “On protection of consumer rights”, what is that going to do? It is not yet clear, waiting for specifics.

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