An Elevator that knows which floor you live, the apartment door that recognizes you when you approach the phone itself rasplachivaetsya with you on social networks, shops greet you on sight, calling you by name and anticipate your every move. Today, facial recognition technology, which until recently we saw only in science fiction films has become a reality, spread around the world and promises a powerful perspective.

In Moscow alone already operates a network of more than 170 000 outdoor surveillance cameras, more than 25 thousand installed in the courtyards. On the eve of the world Cup 2018 in Moscow metro has installed over 17 000 cameras with face detection function.

If earlier the main demand is formed departmental institutions, large Federal customers and the Enterprise segment, but now more and more manufacturers and developers to offer solutions for the commercial market of small and medium business.

The massive use of these programs began relatively recently. It is impossible not to notice the drift of CCTV systems from the security segment corebusiness’s. Tasks surveillance went far beyond the classical role of security and provide the effective solution of tasks of another spectrum related to marketing, assessing the effectiveness of indicators, monitoring environmental parameters, identify patterns, decision support.

“Security, fighting fraud and preventing theft is important, but not the only embodiment using the system of face recognition. the Technology is used in stores, restaurants, banks, offices, construction sites, formed considering the demand of a particular business, and certainly will be a useful tool in situations that we don’t even predicted”, — Daria Skachkova, head of project office Ivideon.

With the development of information technology tools such managed to bring to a qualitatively new level. Today the recognition can take place in much more difficult conditions and large scale. For example, on infrastructure and in places of a mass congestion of citizens — in the stadiums, railway stations, subway — widely used model technology “one-to-many”, i.e. the detection and recognition of faces in the crowd. And can not but rejoice the fact that most of these solutions rely on products from domestic developers.

For example, technological partner of the exhibition “Securika 2109″–”Insentry” (Nekst, OOO) for many years, creating solutions for the largest public structures in the field of biometrics and license plate recognition. This company is the largest IT holding in the country — “National computer Corporation” and has been creating products and solutions in the field of video Analytics, biometrics and situational centers. The most obvious example proving the level of competence of the developer is the fact that on the basis of their product InSentry.TIE has introduced and successfully operates a system of complex security on one of the country’s largest transport projects — in the Moscow Metro.

Another example biometric platform facial recognition for airports development group of companies the MDGs, “speech technology Center”. Passengers registered in the system will be able to quickly check in, security and get on the plane without a passport and tickets. Another implemented project— “biometric tickets” at the St. Petersburg State Hermitage Museum.

The company Hikvision, a world leading supplier of innovative products and security systems, that always looks to the technological future much earlier than once a trend becomes a standard. So, integrated product solutions Hikvision, which include face recognition technology, can detect gender, age, type of clothing, as well as to analyze human behavior. These possibilities of machine vision are widely used not only for security, but also in other industries, primarily to enhance business optimization and complete satisfaction of client’s objectives, for example, in retail or in the banking sector. Similar technology is used in the world’s first store with no cash registers and sellers, which Amazon last year opened in Seattle. In the future, face recognition will enable sellers to know the purchase history of the customer, as soon as he comes into the store, and to offer relevant goods.

Significant advances the use of technology for face recognition can be traced in medicine. Through careful study and analysis of faces can more accurately track the use of patient medications and even to detect some genetic diseases.

Modern smart algorithms are able to detect a person’s face with amazing accuracy, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that today the market of biometric systems is considered to be one of the most promising in the field of security.

The majority of national corporations and holdings initiated during the past year at our largest objects is a replacement for the usual access control with proximity card access control with biometrics in the face. Lost card, reissue a new, unauthorized entry employees on someone else’s map -is only the most frequent problems faced by the owner of this system I am sure. Biometrics will remain one of the main directions of development of the market of security systems. This is confirmed by including the experts ‘ forecasts: by 2022 the volume of the market biometric 3D-identification of persons will reach $9.6 billion with an annual growth of more than 21%. Only in the year 2018, the number of companies that offer analytical solutions based on video surveillance for retail increased by 4 times! Google, Facebook, Apple and other IT giants are now engaged in active buying up of projects from the developers involved in face recognition. they see the technology as a huge potential.

Progress in the field of artificial intelligence, expanding the capabilities of machine learning and the evolution of biometric technology has led to increased accuracy, availability, and wide spread recognition system. Thus, systems have become a full part of the digital model of the enterprise element of business automation, as will subsequently become an integral part of the digitization processes.

Expectations for the near future of 2019 shared by the participants of the exhibition Securika Moscow:

Adler Wu, Head of global technical Alliance, Hikvision Digital TechnologyCo., Ltd.

“The importance of artificial intelligence technology in video surveillance systems and access control systems will grow rapidly. We do not exclude that at some point the hardware will become secondary on the background of the huge opportunities that will present machine vision, robotics and big data Analytics. Also, as has already happened with mobile phones, where the actual relationship is perceived as a given, but the content and the ecosystem is much more important.

Widespread deployment of technologies of face recognition and intelligent video surveillance today has long hampered its high cost in comparison with traditional analogues, and infrastructural constraints. But the speed of technology development and the benefits so great that in the future five years, these technologies permeate many aspects of our daily lives”.

Alexander Korolenko, Director of sales of the company “Insentry”:

“This year we expect 3 points. The first is the decrease in “the input in the ticket,” in biometric systems, associated I with the emergence of new players, the overall development of demand and competition as a consequence.

Secondly, if we talk about software products, I am sure that a standard CCTV system will significantly reduce the rate of sales, in view of the fact that intellectual products have become more affordable, and this trend will only grow. The future only those companies that will be able in the near future to shift under the “marketing” of surveillance needs and to offer the customer a convenient interface informative product or service. Everyone understands that in order to significantly expand the boundaries of sales, developers need to create a product that will be able to use not only industry experts, but also ordinary managers, marketers or executives of organizations. We want to make video Analytics available to the mass product. The days of complicated interfaces and extended settings software behind.

Well, and third, of course is the processing of Big Data. We hear more about multivariate analysis in integrated security systems, when along with the data of the video uses signals from sensors, meters and various sensors. In connection with the development of IoT, this trend will only gain momentum.”

Learn more about facial recognition technology, to get expert advice and look at the development of companies of Hikvision, MDGs, “Insentry”, Ivideon, Safe Logic can be from 19 to 22 March in the 25th anniversary international exhibition of technical means of protection and equipment security and fire protection Securika Moscow. Securika will be held in Moscow Expocentre Fairgrounds pavilions No. 2 and No. 8.

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