Police from all over the world took on weapons recognition system. They have to help law enforcement agencies track criminals and to take them into custody. As it turned out, some of these systems are not the best way.

For example, one of the computers that is used to locate offenders in the UK has shown a phenomenal level of false positives. More than 90% of the signals were incorrect.

During the testing of the technology the police are unable to catch a single criminal. Once the computer took over for the offender a dark-skinned passer-by. But as it turned out, he wasn’t involved in any illegal activity and was not at all like the man the police were looking for.

The creators of this mechanism for recognition of individuals believe that the data obtained by the police nothing to say, and after testing the program will be modified in the future.

It should be noted that the monitoring passers-by and using computers to search for criminals has already proved itself in China. There’s a similar tool helped to find the thief among the 50,000 visitors of the concert.


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