As reported by MacRumors, design changes MacBook Pro 2018 can cause problems when restoring data.

MacBook Pro in 2016 and 2017 were equipped with special connectors, which in the case of serious breakage it is possible to transfer data stored on the hard disk one MacBook Pro to another. Specialists of authorized service centers can connect computers using a device resembling a black box, and start the process of downloading information.

However, early reviews of the updated MacBook Pro have shown that in models by 2018 with a diagonal of 13 and 15 inch Bar and Touch this connector is missing. In addition, employees of authorized service centers claim that the used algorithm of data transfer is incompatible with the design of the MacBook Pro this year.

Many experts believe that in case of damage of the motherboard to recover the data stored on hard disks, it will be impossible, since these elements constitute a one-piece design.

Most likely, the port to recover the data was removed because the MacBook Pro 2018 is equipped with a T2 chip from Apple, providing hardware-based encryption of SSDS. Similar metali used, for example, in the iMac Pro.

Technical support Apple advises users to regularly backup to in case of failure not to lose access to important information. While the company representatives are unable to offer alternative ways of transferring information.


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