December 9, 1968 is the birthday of the computer mouse. On this day the American inventor Douglas Engelbart of the Stanford research Institute in the conference on computing in San Francisco demonstrated in the work of the world’s first computer mouse.

This invention represented a wooden cube on wheels with one button. His name computer mouse owes to the wire — he was like the inventor of the tail of a real mouse.

Idea made by Engelbart was interested in the Xerox company. Its researchers changed the design of the mouse, and it became similar to the modern. In the early 1970-ies the company Xerox introduced the mouse as part of a personal computer. It had three buttons instead drives the ball with rollers, and cost $ 400!

In 1983, Apple released its own model of a single-button mouse, the cost of which has been reduced to $ 25. The wide popularity of the mouse acquired through the use of Apple Macintosh computers and later on Windows for the IBM PC.

Modern computer mice are divided into two types: mechanical and optical. Recent devoid of mechanical elements and to track the movement of the manipulator relative to the surface using optical sensors. In addition, for the sake of convenience, you can buy a “tailless” wireless mouse.

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