Today, major Western Newspapers began to publish the first reviews of the iPad Pro 2020. In General, the journalists are happy with the new Apple tablet. However, to unleash its potential will not all. According to the authors of the review, many may be enough for more simple models of the iPad.

The Verge

Key feature of iPad Pro 2020 is LiDAR. Thanks to special lasers he quickly determines the depth of objects and helps to quickly and accurately position objects in augmented reality. However, while this is all mostly just words. At the moment applications that could unleash the full potential of LiDAR yet.

Yes, potentially the new iPad Pro can be used for many different things. For example, he can quickly create a map of the room and measure the distance to individual objects. But it is unclear whether the demand for such technology, will the developers be able to figure out how to use them. This is the main question.


The new iPad Pro will be exactly how many wanted to see him, fast, good battery life, new camera and even a built-in LiDAR, which allows to determine the distance to objects.

iPad Pro 2020 can handle a variety of tasks – from video playback and streaming, to games and surfing. With all this, thanks to the new processor, the tablet runs really long. A single charge easily lasts for two or three days.

However, despite the availability of new hardware, high-quality camera with LiDAR and keyboard with trackpad, in some cases it is better to pay attention to the models of the previous generation.


the iPad Pro is a tablet not for everyone. It is significantly more expensive than a regular iPad, but the savoury offers a better screen, more powerful innards, better camera, more memory, and more. In the end we can say that iPad Pro is a tablet for those who use it as a replacement computer. New iPad Pro may be useful to those involved in 3D modeling or have an active interest in augmented reality.

In other cases, it is better to pay attention to more affordable models. For example, a regular iPad or iPad Air. Yes, they do not support Magic Keyboard, no Face ID and faster processor. However, they are well suited to solve ordinary problems, and most of it will be enough.


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