It’s sad.

Each iPhone with support for 5G will cost Apple a pretty penny. The company will have to pay the telecommunications giants for the use of patents in the field of 5G. The main recipient fees will be Qualcomm.

As according to informed sources, theoretically Apple could pay about $21 for every iPhone with support for 5G. $13 will get only Qualcomm. As a result, Apple will earn on the revolutionary iPhone smaller than usual. Accordingly, due to the fall in margins will have to go to extreme measures to increase the cost of the iPhone.

In addition to Qualcomm, there are other companies that have also has a huge portfolio of 5G-patents. Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei are not going to be free to give your designs and plan to get their “share of the pie”.

For the licensing of Nokia’s patents related to 5G communication standard, will have to pay $3. Ericsson plans to charge from $2.5 to $5 depending on the cost of the device. Huawei has not yet named the final amount for the use of patents. However, we can assume that she definitely will not be less than the rest.

The release of the first iPhone with support for 5G to be held not earlier than 2020.

Source: AppleInsider


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