Major Western publications began to share his opinion about the recently announced MacBook Air. Many journalists liked the first updated keyboard with a scissor mechanism. However, the advantages of the novelty is also attributed reduced price and more powerful processors.


After several lawsuits and countless broken keys Apple decided to go back to the scissor mechanism. The first “swallow” became a 16-inch MacBook Pro released last year. However, the company did not stop on one model, and released the MacBook Air with new-old mechanism of the keys.

In fact, “butterfly” was for Apple a real disaster. Except for the lack of tactile feedback when typing, the keyboard with this mechanism is not reliable. Moreover, to cope with the latest feature in the company failed.

Return to the scissor mechanism is definitely a step in the right direction. Compared with most keyboards, the button at the MacBook Air still have a small move. However, even after a short test, we can say that typing is easier. And now the keyboard sounds quieter.

Another interesting update to the MacBook Air is the transition to Intel Iris graphics. We can assume that Apple went to such a step that the new laptop was able to work normally with an external 6K displays.


Externally, the new MacBook Air is virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor, released in 2018. However, if you look at the new product more closely, there are quite a lot of important innovations.

For example, now the Junior model is equipped with a solid state drive to 256 GB. It is twice more than before. It is worth saying that the step is correct, especially considering that the last time the application weigh more and more.

Also don’t forget about the new Intel 10-th generation, better graphics, and faster Wi-Fi. In fact, even the base model should differ a good performance. And of course, the keyboard the better.

Worth buying a new MacBook Air?. In short, Yes.


Apple has eliminated a major drawback, which was the last MacBook Air – the company fixed the keyboard. Writing became easier, but the problem with sticky keys should go into the past.

As for performance, in performing ordinary tasks (Chrome, Safari, Notes, Spotify, Photos and Slack) the laptop shows itself quite well. Only where there were noticeable delay is when turning large images in the Photos app.


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