The first self-driving car Apple being tested on the roads of California, got in an accident, according to MacRumors, citing a Department of motor vehicles in the state. The incident was the first public acknowledgement that the company from Cupertino has been testing the autopilot.

The incident, according to the official website of the Department of motor vehicles California, took place on 24 August and, fortunately for Apple, its originator was the driver of the Nissan Leaf. He entered avtopilotiruemy Lexus 450h, moving at a speed of about 15 km/h when he planned to complete the maneuver.

Autopilot from Apple

Despite the fact that each of the more than 60 cars Apple equipped with sensors for tracking and assessment of the situation on the road, working in real time on the driver’s seat definitely is the driver. He has the responsibility to take control in case of emergency situations.

Because of an accident involving a Lexus 450h Apple has done without victims, the project company is not threatened with freezing, which at the time was subjected to Uber. As it became known this spring, one of Uber’s self-driving cars to death brought down the cyclist, and the company lost the right to test the autopilot.

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