An unusual device.

Representatives of Red shared first “live” photos smartphone with a holographic display — Hydrogen One. At this time we are not renders and not concept art. It will look like a real smartphone, the release of which was postponed twice already.

Just published six pictures. We can consider a large 5.7-inch holographic display, the side faces of the device and back panel with dual camera and flash.

Frame around the screen is: the top placed speaker, two front camera and some sensors. Their purpose we don’t know yet. On the edge of the bottom left pair of speakers for audio playback and Red logo.

On the bottom face, the engineers placed only USB type-C for charging and data transfer. On the side panels you can see the lock button, the display and start the camera.

On the back there is a huge module with two cameras and flash, the logo with the name of the smartphone and a connector for connecting accessories. Hydrogen One is a modular smartphone, compatible with original cameras and Red additions.

Judging from the appearance and texture of the body, the smartphone is easy to hold in hand. Unfortunately, imaging studies have shown included holographic display apparatus. Likely to see it in action until after a model release.

The exact release date of One Hydrogen is unknown, but we know how much it will cost smartphone. Version in aluminium housing will make available for 1195 dollars, and a titanium model for $ 1595.

Source: CNET


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