Translation entry of the first Soviet concert of works by Edison Denisov Symphony orchestra under Gennady Rozhdestvensky was released on CDs, told reporters in a press-service of the company “Melody”, which released the album. The recording will also be available in digital apps, applications, iTunes, Apple Music and other venues.

Concert Edison Denisov took place in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory on 6 February 1990. In the future, the composer is not just remember the day 6 February 1990, with the heat and called it one of the biggest and joyful for yourself. According to Denisov, and his music was performed flawlessly and enthusiastically. The fact that during the Soviet era to the works of Edison Denisov had imposed an unofficial ban due to the “otherness” of its Soviet ideology. Restructuring occurred in the late 1980’s-early 1990-ies not only in political but also in cultural, including the musical history of our country. One of the signs of the new era was the memorable concert. To this day, his record was already archived rare.

The album includes the most significant works of Denisov 1970-1980-ies: Painting, tragic Concerto for flute and orchestra and Symphony No. 1. The disk includes introductory explanations of the composer, his conversation with Gennady Rozhdestvensky and the fragment of a rehearsal of the concert.

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