At the moment the column HomePod is able to perceive mainly voice commands. However, judging by the patent applications of Apple in the future Apple smart speakers can recognize other commands. For example, such devices can be controlled using gestures.

In the patent we are talking about a special system of gestures. This means that the updated HomePod will be able to respond to movements of the hands, clapping, smahivanija, etc. it is possible that gesture recognition cupertinos will apply the achievements made by experts of the company PrimeSense. Recall that the cupertinos have purchased the Israeli startup, which created a well-known motion controller, Microsoft Kinect, a few years ago.

Also there is a chance that the updated smart column Apple will be able not only to recognize gestures, but literally “learn” the user’s face. This is likely to be used an analogue system Face ID.

With all this, network sources believe that Apple will not turn HoemPod into a multifunctional hub with display and additional modules. Most likely instead of display cupertinos will equip her column dynamic illumination, which will be something like a feedback.


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