Interesting statement in light of recent events.

In the context of globalization to confront the range of threats is becoming increasingly difficult. Without control over the Internet to guarantee the safety of inhabitants of Russia is not possible. This was stated by first Deputy head of the FSB Sergei Smirnov.

The FSB believe that the security services should have the right to full control over the information space of Russia. Constant monitoring of cyberspace from the competent authorities necessary for the protection of the Russians. Thus, as emphasized by a senior employee of the FSB, the control of cyberspace should be only to protect its citizens from terrorist and extremist threats, as well as in the fight against organized crime.

The issue of protection of Russians from a variety of threats have long been on the agenda. The FSB played an important role in the Telegram lock due to the failure to provide the keys to decrypt the messages. The Agency arguedthat the Telegram is used to coordinate the actions of terrorists. In addition, the cybersecurity Russians began to actively discuss after the recent words of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. He said that from the actions of the hackers and the country suffered for 600 billion rubles.

Source: Interfax


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