One of the key features of iOS 12 was the feature called “Screen time”. With its help, users are able to see how much time you spend using different applications, how to get notifications as often look at the screen of the device and to control the usage time of the gadget. However, the authors of the publication CNET claim that the iPhone and iPad, the option is not too need.

After a little research, the reporters found that many users of Apple’s mobile devices, or do not think of such functions as “screen time”, or use it very rarely.

With more than half of the users noted that various restrictions designed to reduce the time of smartphone use did not affect their daily routine or overall efficiency. Even if the function was run, in order to set the special mode “alone.” After activation the system automatically shut off third-party apps except Phone and programs that have been added to the special list.

Many owners of Apple’s mobile devices are confident that such mechanisms are not ways to radically reduce the use time of the mobile device. However, some benefits are still there. In particular, the function of “Screen time” allows you to demonstrate exactly which applications users run most often.


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