VAT increased but the prices remained the same.

Apple took over the cost of paying increased additional tax in their digital stores. From 1 January 2019 in receipt of various digital products Apple indicated an increased VAT rate of 20%, but the final prices have not changed compared to last year.

Apple decided that the price increase on all equipment, which occurred because of the increase in VAT in Russia to 20% from 1 January 2019, will be enough for the Russians. The company did not raise prices on any digital goods and services in their digital stores, keeping them at the level of 2018.

Apple left unchanged the price of apps, in-app purchases, subscription music service Apple Music and optional cloud storage iCloud, movies, TV shows and music. In all cases, receipts are issued upon purchase, specify VAT rate of 20%. But the final price with VAT is not different from last year — the cost of the products excluding VAT was reduced.

Thus, the VAT increase does not affect users of Apple devices in Russia. They, as before, will be able to buy the necessary applications or subscriptions at the old prices. Would suffer from the decision of Apple developers are currently unknown.


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