Apple hasn’t made any drastic changes to its desktop operating system. This is especially true of the visual style. According to German student Thomas Weinreich’s (Thomas Weinreich), Apple is just not required to use successful solutions from iOS to macOS. The vision of such an “Association” the designer brought in a fairly realistic concept.

Weinreich reworked many aspects of the system. For example, in his concept of all Windows open in full screen. In this case, if the user needs to run multiple programs, then the Windows can be placed next to each other, dividing the screen in half. A similar scheme is implemented in iOS.

The designer also offers to recycle Mission Control. He will be replaced by a hybrid menu of multitasking in iOS and Springboard. And in this window you can see notifications and a number of other elements.

The last major feature of the concept of macOS are gestures. Weinreich proposes to use them to switch between applications, change the location of Windows on the screen, etc.


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