At the conference for developers Google I/O 2019 Hiroshi Lockheimer responsible for Android and Chrome OS, for the first time revealed details about the upcoming OS Fuchsia.

Fuchsia OS will work on multiple devices

According to Lockheimer, Fuchsia will be a completely new operating system, but when it was created, the company takes into account the lessons learned during development with Android and Chrome OS. As hinted Hiroshi Lockheimer, Fuchsia OS is developed not only for smartphones and PCs, but also for “smart” homes, wearable or perhaps even devices augmented or virtual reality. A Google spokesperson notes that the company continues to experiment with different form factors.

Fuchsia OS will replace Android

Lockheimer believes that the market will be able to have multiple operating systems with different strengths and specializations. He also noted that Fuchsia OS is an experimental project and some functions can be used in other products of the company. Judging by the words of Lockheimer, Fuchsia will not replace Android and Chrome OS, as previously thought, and would only add to the list of operating systems Google.

What do we know about Fuchsia?

Fuchsia is the operating system open source. It is known that it is built on a completely new kernel under the name “zircon” and not on the Linux kernel, which are running Android and Chrome OS.

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