Artificial intelligence Google branded app-the interpreter speaks the prophecy of the day of judgment when you enter certain phrase.

This phrase consists of repeating many times the word dog. If you ask Google Translate to translate it from Maori to English, the answer the user will receive the following text.

“Doomsday clock showed three minutes to midnight. We are experiencing an era of massive change on the planet, which foreshadows the end times and the return of Jesus”

Probably similar to the behavior of the interpreter is due to a bug in the system of machine learning. The computer got some kind of inadequate information, he learned it and started using. At least, that’s the most logical explanation, confirmed by Google spokesperson.

It should be noted that the translator reacts in a similar way not only in the word dog. He also speaks phrases, like the Bible, if you enter many times the letters of the ag and ask the program to translate from Somali to English.

Where did artificial intelligence such a passion for religious texts, is unknown. Who knows, maybe he already has a consciousness and tries to warn mankind.


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