The transaction may take place in the fall of 2018.

The state operator “Rostelecom” carries on negotiations with Tele2 on acquisition of a controlling stake. The absorption of Tele2 and receiving cellular business can be a serious advantage of “Rostelecom” over the competition. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to several reliable sources, associated with “Rostelecom”.

According to sources, Rostelecom and Tele2 are negotiating with the beginning of the summer of 2018. Negotiations are active, in connection with which the purchase can be done in the fall.

The state operator is not enough, only 5% of shares to gain control of Tele2. Rostelecom plans to buy the necessary securities are not money, and quasicanonical shares in the company “Mobitel”, which belongs to the operator. Thus, the transaction may be cash-strapped.

Analysts estimate the value of Tele2 in 50-88 billion. 5% stake will cost “Rostelecom” 2.5-4.4 billion. What changes will occur in Tele2 after the transaction with “Rostelecom” it is not known. Experts believe that the fee for the most popular tariffs and services should not change. While Tele2 subscribers to worry about.

Earlier, the Russian government refused to introduce a new type of SIM cardsthat need to change.

Source: Statements.


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