Apple’s CEO Tim cook admitted that they became less likely to use a smartphone iPhone. He told this in an interview with Axios.

He said that previously too often used the smartphone, but now began to refer to it often. “When I get their device, is reduced,” — said the head of Apple. Cook limited the number of notifications that came on his mobile device, thereby using a mobile device decreased.

According to Fox News, the average user checks the news on the smartphone every 12 minutes. A study by Ofcom has estimated that 78 percent of Brits can’t imagine life without a phone. Usually the older generation spends online two hours 28 minutes a day, and among 18-24 year olds accessing the Internet up to three hours and 14 minutes.

In June it became known that the new software iOS 12 will be a function that will allow users to monitor how they use their gadgets and spend time in apps. It was noted that the option should be forced to reduce the usage time of iPhone or to take it more consciously. iOS 12 came out on September 17. A large part of the innovations tied to performance and optimization.

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