CEO Huawei consumer technologies Richard Yu in an interview with German newspaper De Welt, spoke about the company’s plans for the future. According to him, Huawei will soon overtake Samsung and become the market leader in 2020.

He also said that the Chinese giant is significantly ahead of Apple in terms of innovation. We are talking about a folding smartphone that Huawei has already presented. In Cupertino, is expected to release a new product with a flexible screen next year.

Of course, the smartphone for 2300 euros (170 thousand) is not a device for the mass market, however, Yu believes that in a year or two foldable smartphones will reach around 1000 Euro (74.2 thousand), but in the end will cost less than 500 Euro (37.1 thousand). The reason for this will be mass production of such devices by other companies, primarily Chinese. In this case, everything will depend on initial interest and demand.

Also Richard Yu said that he expects the emergence of devices that would have expanded the screen sizes from 100 to 200 inches. It is clear that it will not be smartphones or even tablets. We are talking about augmented reality glasses, which are prepared, including Huawei. In addition, Yu hinted that the company may go to your operating system that is due to pressure on Huawei from the US. However, specific terms and other information he did not disclose.

We will remind that earlier the CEO of BlackBerry John Chen said that today folding program is not necessary because they are not brought to mind and offer only disadvantages in the form of high price and heavy weight.

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