For nearly two years, Apple and Qualcomm exchanged lawsuits, and mutual claims. However, if you believe the Director General of Qualcomm Steve Mollenkopf in the near future, the conflict can be resolved.

In an interview with NBC, Mollenkopf noted that at the end of this or early next year all disputes between Apple and Qualcomm can be solved. However, the head of the us chip maker did not specify on what conditions will be reached a settlement agreement.

Also Mollenkopf reported that Qualcomm plans to partner with Apple for the introduction and promotion of 5G technologies. However, these statements differ somewhat from the forecasts. Many experts believe that the main supplier of 5G dongle for iPhone will be the company Intel.

In addition, analysts do not believe that the conflict between Apple and Qualcomm moves to completion. According to the latest data, the cupertinos are actively preparing for the continuation of proceedings. As of this summer, the company was involved in more than 50 lawsuits that were considered 6 different countries.


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