At the technical summit Qualcomm Snapdragon, which was held this week, the President of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon, said that his company is actively cooperating with Apple. The main goal is to create iPhone 5G.

Amon noted that they are keen to add support for fifth generation networks as quickly as they are able. To this end, parties actively cooperate. Also, the President of Qualcomm confirmed that the new iPhone 5G will be equipped with Qualcomm modems. However, the entire RF unit will consist of components of different companies.

There is speculation that together with Qualcomm modems in the iPhone 12 will appear, and some Apple. If you believe the rumors, the cupertinos have long been working in this direction.

According to rumors, next year Apple will add support for fifth generation networks in all their smartphones. However, it is likely that smartphones will be slightly different. In particular, top iPhone and iPhone 12 Pro 12 Pro Max will receive the support of mmWave 5G technology and with a frequency of 6 GHz, and the successor to the iPhone 11 will be restricted to networks with a frequency less than 6 GHz.


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