This year came the first smartphones that used the new technology with a small hole in the top of the screen for selfie camera.

A new trend has become very popular and is already used by many manufacturers such as Samsung and Honor. Bore diameter from 20 Honor View is 4.5 mm.

But according to the insider Universe Ice for the second half of this year, the mobile market will be gadgets with a hole whose diameter is less than 4 mm. unfortunately, the source did not name which smart phones will have such small holes.

In the future, the front camera is moved under the display surface. One of these gadgets will become Essential Phone PH. In addition, the Vice President of Mobile Communication division of Samsung R and D Group Display Jan Byung-Duk (Yang Byung-duk) declared that in a short time not only a selfie camera will be located under the screen, but other sensors will also move under the surface of the display. However, such innovation is not yet implemented in the Samsung Galaxy S11.

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