Be careful when Hiking in the MFC.

On the public use computers in the multipurpose centers (MFC) in the public domain is a huge number of copies of the passport, SNILS and other documents of the Russians. Access to documents is available to any interested person, including the issuance of microloans. It is reported “Kommersant” citing its own inspection.

The staff of “Kommersant” has tested public computers in several MFC. In each case, on the computers had found many copies of various passports and other documents of Russian citizens. Journalists emphasize that we are talking about hundreds of documents, including forms which contain the data of Bank cards linked to them mobile phones.

To access this data, anyone can, because they are held in a fully open access on public computers. Files remain on the computers because of this, that neither the visitors of the IFC nor the staff will not remove them.

Experts believe that copies of documents can be used by fraudsters for registration of a microloan. In addition, there is the threat of getting illegal access to Bank accounts of Russians. Also data can be included into the database for bulk advertising mailings.

According to the rules of an IFC, the centers should times a day to clear the Desk and cart public computers and delete all left by visitors files. However, quite often this does not happen — the staff simply not doing their duty. As a result, each of the computers checked in the DCP were able to detect the personal data of citizens.

Source: Kommersant.


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