Less than a week ago, Apple introduced the new Mac mini. In sale the novelty should appear only on 7 November. However, some users and journalists have already got a Mac mini at your disposal. These are the lucky ones and found the user guide from the new Apple computer hint at what to look for an updated Thunderbolt Display.

Recall that Apple haven’t released a branded monitors. Recently cupertinos just recommend users to purchase solutions from third-party manufacturers. However, cupertinos recently hinted that a brand new monitor can be released simultaneously with the Mac Pro, announcement of which should take place next year.

As for the image of the monitor in the user manual for the Mac mini, it looks unknown the display resembles the “classic” Thunderbolt Display. The only difference is the thinner frame around the screen.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the first company to release a monitor with a thin frame. At the moment there are already enough of such displays. Some of the models are not very expensive and belong to the budget segment of the market. However, the solution from Apple is likely to cost considerably more expensive, but will be able to offer users the best image quality, wide color gamut, etc.


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