The import of some iPhone models from China to USA can supertiling some iPhone models from China to the US can ban for breach of Apple patent rights, the American manufacturer of processors and components for mobile devices, Qualcomm. The final decision of the U.S. court of international trade will by July 2019.

Judge Mary Joan McNamara said about the violation of just one patent of Qualcomm. Now the conclusions have to consider the judicial Commission.

In mid-March, a court in San Diego found Apple guilty of patent infringement Qualcomm (three patents). Apple appealed and challenged the court’s decision San Diego. According to Apple, the ban on the sale of Apple products is beyond the scope of judicial decisions.

In December 2018 a Munich court verdict and also acknowledged Apple guilty of patent infringement by Qualcomm. In January 2019, Qualcomm has made the necessary payment of 1.34 billion euros. This amount is required for the imposition of a temporary ban on the sale in Germany of some iPhone models with Intel Corp.

Apple promised to update the software of its smartphones, so the company no longer had a claim on the part of the court.

According to Bloomberg, it is a violation of Apple patents related to ways to improve the speed and quality of data loading and saving function.

Recently Apple held their traditional presentation. The company showed the charging Mat is AirPower, which can charge an Apple watch, the iPhone and AirPods headphones second generation.

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