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Pre-new patch for iOS gave the iPhone a very nice gift. Judging by the numerous angry user reports, Apple’s smartphones have ceased to make calls and access the Internet.

“No signal”

IOS release 12.1.2 was supposed to be another small update of the operating system designed to remove minor bugs. However, the installation of the new firmware not only helped iPhone owners, but also worsened the situation users around the world complain that their smartphones stopped calling and catch the Internet signal, becoming, in fact, in the high-tech “bricks.”

This update was released to correct problems in the iPhone in Turkey, but after its release with the problems faced by the inhabitants of other countries. As it became known, the update is available for owners of virtually the entire lineup — from iPhone 5S to iPhone XS.

“Thank you Apple for Christmas… since I updated my iPhone to iOS 12.1.2 I can’t get a signal with your network provider. I rebooted the device and now can not activate it. There is no signal. You need to fix it!” — wrote a Twitter user named Alex.

“I checked myself — no connection. As soon as you leave Wi-Fi zone, in hand is brick. If you have an iPhone, I RECOMMEND NOT to upgrade to iOS 12.1.2,” agrees user @albertamtgpros.

When users access tech support company with the question, what to do in such a situation, staff recommends to turn on and off the device, and transmission of data on the device. It is reported that these measures not have the desired effect and do not protect users.

@AppleSupport I updated to ios 12.1.2 and now I cant call or text / receive calls or texts, what do I do?!?!?!?!?!?,?— han cman (@oddhannah) ٢٠ ديسمبر ٢٠١٨

It is known that the patch correcting this problem does not exist yet. Apple also has not released an official comment on this problem, but is already testing the beta version iOS 12.1.3, which will probably help angry users.

According to the portal MacRumors, Apple released iOS 12.1.2 “in a hurry”, as it contains some changes that could affect the situation with the Qualcomm patent in China.

We will remind, in December, a Chinese court decided to ban the sale of seven models of smartphones Apple — iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus X.

The reason for this was the fact that the U.S. company violated the patent rights of the manufacturer of processors and chipsets Qualcomm, which led to the removal of gadgets from sale in China.

Shortly thereafter, the same decision was made by the court in Germany. Due to the infringement of patents there has banned the sale of five models of iPhone

It is not excluded that Apple tried as soon as possible to resolve this crisis and released an update without completing the necessary tests. In any case, rush will now have to pay her clients.

The collapse is not far off

This year, Apple is clearly not done with the strap that you currently installed. Despite the fact that in 2018 “Apple” became the first company in the world, whose market capitalization has reached $1 trillion, sales of the new iPhone is poor.

In addition, over the last couple of months, Apple’s stock lost 25%.

Prerequisites for this are several. First of all, it concerns the iPhone — main Apple product. This year a new iPhone model failed to impress even the most loyal fans — it was only slightly improved gadgets model last year. Experts believe that next year the iPhone will not make a major technological breakthrough, and hence the demand for them will grow.

It is impossible to ignore the closest competitors to Apple, which is never asleep. We are talking about the Chinese vendors whose products are almost not inferior in quality to the American manufacturer, but it costs several times cheaper.

Analysts suggest that next year the Chinese brands will take a significant share of the mobile market, which Apple’s financial situation will deteriorate further.

However, the company has a chance to stay afloat even in the worst scenario. According to analyst ray Wang of Constellation Research, Apple is absolutely correct switches the focus of their attention with the products on income from the many services that in the long term play the company at hand.

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