By the end of 2020 5G networks will be everywhere.

According to numerous leaks from Apple, the company does not intend to hurry with the release of the first iPhone with support for 5G. Another confirmation that Apple will release the first iPhone with 5G not before 2020 today made leaders of Intel. They said that 5G modems for consumer smartphones will not be ready until 2020. However, running in 2020, with support for the iPhone 5G will outpace the development of networks of the fifth generation.

The first commercial 5G network in the world will begin to unfold in 2019. Their distribution will be very slow, because there is no necessary network infrastructure. Because of this, it is expected that in 2020 the public network 5G will only appear in dozens of cities around the world.

Russian operators previously announced that in 2020, the support networks of the fifth generation should appear in all cities. The Verizon operator said that by 2020 it will launch in the US support only 5G in 30 cities. Similar plans and operators from China and Japan.

In this regard, the slowness of Apple with the release of the first iPhone with support for 5G is understandable. The company simply sees no reason to add the iPhone absolutely unnecessary in the present technology. At the end of the year is 2020 5G network will be more or less prevalent, and the availability of support networks of the new generation iPhone will be appropriate.

It is noteworthy that Chinese manufacturers of smartphones already released the first model with support for 5G. These smartphones are much more expensive than the regular versions. But, unfortunately, to use 5G on them at the moment is not possible.


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