Shocking news.

Cause of visual impairment in most people is the negative radiation, which creates a mobile phone screen. This was proved by researchers from the American University of Toledo.

According to scientists, aging a person’s vision gradually begins to deteriorate. However, radiation from mobile phone display speeds up the process. Especially should be wary of blue, Indigo and violet colors displayed on the screen. They are the cause of the accumulation of “harmful” retinol — a special form of vitamin A, in conjunction with a protein responsible for the sensitivity of the photoreceptors of the eye.

As the researchers note, the process of deterioration of vision can “slow down” in time to see a doctor-ophthalmologist. He will prescribe adequate treatment, is able to turn the situation around. Of course, do not forget about the prevention, the most important of which is to minimize the communication with the “harmful” gadgets.

Source: ScienceAlert


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