The resource specialists DxOMark after a series of tests concluded that the iPhone XR is equipped with the best mobile camera in its class. Experts said that the 6.1-inch smartphone in some cases makes it better than iPhone and Google Pixel X 2.

According to the authors DxOMark camera iPhone XR largely similar to that installed in the iPhone XS Max. The modules have about the same AF speed, same white balance and colour reproduction. But the iPhone XS Max “outperforms” low-end model due to the better bokeh and optical zoom.

Experts DxOMark liked that despite the lack of XR in the iPhone the second camera module, the smart phone takes very good photos, taken on “public sector” highlighted the wide dynamic range. In terms of video, a 6.1-inch device also shows himself excellent professionals focus on the good stabilization and high detail video.

In the end, after all tests DxOMark iPhone XR scored 101 points. In this fotosmoralo experts evaluated in 103 points, and shooting video 96 points. This result allowed a 6.1-inch iPhone become the leader among all tested phones with a single camera.


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