Apple has long showed us that the functionality of the iPhone does not always depend on the generation or hardware models. For example, earlier, it was assumed that the portrait shooting mode can be realized only on smartphones with dual camera, and then suddenly it turned out that juicy bokeh will be enough. But some of the features of the iPhone are much less obvious, and their disappearance would be noticeable only for a very narrow audience of users.

This is what happened with a feature Display Zoom, which first appeared on the iPhone 6 Plus and was designed to increase the elements of the iOS interface, making it more proportionate to the size of a smartphone. It possible to achieve the best perception of the software on devices with screens of 5.5 inches. Convenience function was so obvious that for many was a real disappointment to find out that she disappeared from the iPhone X. to subsequently appear in the iPhone XS Max.

To increase the interface elements in the iPhone XS Max

Obviously, Apple felt that the possibility of increasing the content will be an indispensable function to the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, which many users associate with compact tablet. This equally contributes to the tablet interface mapping model, which allows the content to occupy maximum space in the interaction with a smartphone in landscape orientation.

How to activate Display Zoom on the iPhone XS Max

To activate Display Zoom, go to “Settings” — “Display & brightness”, then scroll through the list of available tabs to the bottom and enable the desired add-in.

With the active function Display Zoom interface doesn’t look gigantic while remaining completely harmonious. Despite a seemingly small difference, experience has shown that the increase of interface elements greatly facilitates the consumption of content, including reading of text materials and correspondence in Messaggero and email.


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