In 2018, the “high technologies Park” (HTP) welcomed a record number of residents. The authorities created the conditions of Belarus have attracted several Russian companies. Net profit of “high technology Park” of Belarus more than $1 billion Revenues of the IT sector more than the total profit of all industrial giants of the country. Five of the ten world’s largest corporations have in the OEM representation. HTP resident-companies write popular applications for Apple and Microsoft. 49.1% of software products OEM supplies in Europe, 44% in the US and Canada, 4.1 percent of the products “high technology Park” delivers to Russia and other CIS countries.

What conditions are necessary for the IT business for breakthrough growth, and what are the prospects of cooperation between Russia and Belarus in this sphere — the TV channel “MIR 24” said the head of the regional development Department of the SKOLKOVO Foundation Alexander Okunev, Director, founder of “Rozum robotics”, a resident of the Belarusian “high technology Park” Victor kamenak. — Alexander, in the Belarusian media published information that many residents of the “SKOLKOVO” was published on Belarusian companies with offers on cooperation with the residents of “high technology Park”. Today we are developing cooperation “SKOLKOVO” with the HTP, how many joint projects?

Aleksandr Okunev: Very active cooperation between the Fund “SKOLKOVO” and Belarusian companies. Many of our members are interested in that when they reach a certain level of development and sales, come to the Russian and international market, to cooperate with the “high technologies Park”.

The same thing happens in the Fund “SKOLKOVO”. Our members actively work with Belarusian companies not only in OEM, but in General Belarusian companies. At least 50 companies-participants of SKOLKOVO project is in close cooperation with Belarusian partners. They work in completely different information fields — education, FINTECH, and telecommunications.

— What joint projects have the greatest potential?

Aleksandr Okunev: Today, high technology is not only the toys, things applied to medicine and education, but also the information system for mining, metallurgy and banks. For example, company “vist mining technology” works together with “BelAZ” for the creation of an unmanned heavy-duty truck and smart pits.

— Victor, you were asked Russian companies to cooperate with, or maybe you sailed?

Victor khamenok: a Few months ago we made an attempt to join the “SKOLKOVO”. Our Russian colleagues have something to strive for in terms of de-bureaucratization of the accession process. To join in LDPE is much easier than in “SKOLKOVO”. We stumbled at the stage of filling out the questionnaire. I think in a few weeks to make another attempt.

— Victor, your company also became the resident of “high technology Park” last year. What prompted you to make this decision?

Victor khamenok: HTP there is already quite a long time and has proven its effectiveness and benefit to residents. In 2018, has expanded the list of residents that can join the PVT. In particular, was allowed to join companies that not only develop software, but also engaged in “iron” things. In particular, we, robots. As soon as this opportunity arose, we submitted an application. She quickly handled and we were all matching.

First, the company gets in the Park tax relief on relatively high salaries of it specialists, thereby freeing up cash reserves and spent on the purchase of equipment or hire more staff. Secondly, the companies receive a guarantee of stability, has become much easier to build relationships with international partners and investment funds.

The full interview, see the video.


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