In the framework of yesterday’s presentation, Apple introduced a new MacBook Air. Immediately after the completion of the main part of the journalists from leading foreign media outlets were able to come and see it, and today they shared the first impressions of the new “air” of your computer.

The Verge

The main feature of the new MacBook Air is the display. Yes, there is no True Tone, but it is full with the same Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro resolution. The only thing a little frustrating is glossy frame. But the trend of recent years.

Also nice that the MacBook Air appeared USB-C and survived the headphone Jack. But the frustrating failure from the convenient MagSafe. However, most questions are concerned with the price. The base model costs $ 1,200. If that price seems a little high. It is possible that opinion will change after thorough testing.


MacBook Air always sold well. However, a few years ago, the company is undeservedly forgotten about this model, but about it do not forget the users. Perhaps for this reason, many waited for the announcement of the new Air.

First, and most importantly, got a new MacBook Air is a Retina display. True, it had to pay the increased $ 200 price. I am glad that Apple did not abandon this model and continued to develop it.


Difficult to compose an opinion about the computer that “talked” only a few minutes. But in that time managed to understand what users will be buying the MacBook Air. Now the new Air takes place between the 12-inch MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro. While it is more powerful than 12-inch model and is a bit cheaper. In the end he needs to buy. Moreover, in the Air there’s a second Thunderbolt port, and it makes use of a laptop significantly more comfortable.


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