As reported by “Vedomosti”, the government used the notorious law about the right to oblivion. Google has hidden a link to the article portal, “Owl” of the nationalists.

This was confirmed by the representatives of the search engine by sending “Owl” letter of explanation. It was reported that the authorities ordered IT-giant to remove links to news from 2006 and 2008.

This article called “In Obninsk convicted skinheads who beat Angolan” and “In Obninsk came into effect the conviction of eight nationalists who spread to the Internet videos of neo-Nazi attacks.”

According to the Sova center, to get rid of negative information about itself decided some of the former Nazis convicted at the old case. The leaders of the center are not satisfied with this situation: they believe that the loss of so important data can corrupt society.

The law on the right to oblivion was passed a year ago and caused a lot of issues and grievances. It started operating in early 2018 – thanks to him, any Russian citizen can send search engines a request to remove the fake or irrelevant information about yourself. Google has managed to 1459 applications, 26,3% of which was granted.


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