The developers promise a great player.

The company Radionomy owns the rights to the legendary player Winamp, intends to revive the program. Radionomy today announced its plans to launch a new version of Winamp, including for mobile devices. According to company executives, the updated Winamp will continue to be “the perfect player”.

The new version of Winamp 6.0 will be launched in 2019. The player allows to listen music that stored on your device, but streaming services, podcasts, and songs uploaded to the cloud storage. Winamp will be available for both PC and for mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Redesigned Winamp will save the key “features” of the traditional version. The player will support various music services and plug-ins and different highest speed. In Radionomy state that they plan to create a perfect player for music.

Other details about the new Winamp 6.0 yet. The update will come only in 2019, but to shorten the wait for users of Winamp, which around the world there are 100 million people, the developers will release the first update the player over the last five years in the coming weeks.

Source: TC.


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