Not so long ago Apple introduced the updated MacBook Pro. New laptops are almost not changed in appearance. However, they got more powerful internals, a slightly improved keyboard with “butterfly” of the third generation and the new dynamics. It is with the latter, users began to experience problems.

As noted by some owners of the updated MacBook Pro, the speakers in their new laptops wheezing while playing any music. Extraneous sounds do not appear very often, but they are clearly audible when playing.

Judging by the reviews, such problems are observed in 13 and 15-inch models and does not depend on the application in which you play the music. Rales occur when playing tracks in iTunes, GarageBand and Youtube.

Unknown at this time what exactly caused the problem with the sound. There is speculation that the rales arise due to incorrect operation of the chip T2, which assumes the process of audio playback instead of the CPU. Some believe that the problem is more serious and is associated with the design of the speakers. Cupertinos while from comments abstain.


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