One of the features of MacBook sample 2018 was the keyboard with the butterfly mechanism of the third generation. At the time of release of new products cupertinos stated that a new mechanism is better resists dust and now the keys are much less likely to fail. However, judging by the owner reviews MacBook Pro 2018, keyboard buttons continue to cuddle up.

Apple representatives have not confirmed the existence of problems with the keyboard in the latest generation of “proshek”. However, new complaints from users appear in the network almost every day. According to the owners of the latest MacBook Pro, dust entering the mechanism, disrupted its work, and thereby prevents comfortable typing. Most often, problems arise with the keys “E”, “O”, “I” and “T”.

At the moment there is a simple solution that would quickly restore the operability of the individual keys. When contacting the service center experts, as before, offer the user only one option – full replacement of the entire upper part of the body with the keyboard. The surgery costs quite expensive. This opens the possibility that even after costly replacement problem will eventually return.


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