Apple added in the new version of the OS for smart watches support WebKit, thanks to which you can view the web page.

We are not talking about a full-fledged Safari browser for the Apple Watch, and the possibility to open links received via email or messages.

Currently, the only available build watch OS 5 for developers. Release for all users will be held this fall.

WebKit in hours

In order to start “surfing”, simply click the link in the “Messages” or “Mail”. Page will be as interactive as in the full browser version. In addition, you can now view HTML emails on your watch.

How to use Google watchOS 5

Step 1: send yourself an e-mail or posts a link to or any other search engine.

Step 2: open this message on your Apple Watch and click the link.

Step 3: click on the search bar and enter a query.

You can now use full search from their smart watches

Management and navigation WebKit

  • To scroll through the sites use the digital wheel “Digital Crown”.
  • Double-tap to increase or decrease the selected area.
  • Long pressing activates a sub-menu. It has functions to “Forward”, “Back”, “Refresh” and “read Mode”.
  • In any text field you can enter data by clicking on it.

How to clear the cache

  • Go to settings on the Apple Watch.
  • Go to “Main”.
  • Scroll down to the option “Data websites”.
  • Press “Clear data websites”
  • So you will be able to delete cookies, page transitions, and other information that was entered.

    Tool is WebKit only available to owners of Apple Watch Series 3, so browsing on previous generations hours will not be available even after the release of WatchOS 5.


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