The limit function will be easy to circumvent.

A key feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the possibility of measuring the electrocardiogram of the heart by means of a number of new sensors. At the presentation of the smart watch Apple has announced that initially the new feature will work exclusively in the United States. However, as it became known today, to take advantage of the new opportunity will Apple Watch users Series 4 from any country. For this, you will need to resort to small cunning.

Razrabotchik Guilherme Rambo found in iOS 12 direct proof of the fact that the function of the ECG on the Apple Watch Series 4 will be able to work in any country. In order to be able to use her Apple Watch wearers Series 4 will be enough to change the region to USA. Immediately after this feature will be available for use without any restrictions.

It is important to note that to change the language on the iPhone and Apple Watch do not have. We are talking about the region, a change which does not change the language on the devices.

Similarly, due to the change region on your iPhone you can use Apple News, which is available only in some countries. App icon instantly appears on the iPhone home screen after changing the region to USA.

Thus, the owners of the Apple Watch Series 4 from Russia and other countries will be able to use the main feature of their smart watch and measure ECG just putting a finger to the scroll wheel Digital Crown. Note that at the moment the functionality is still available for use even in the US.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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