Marketing starts with your values

Steve jobs was not only the founder and CEO of Apple, he was the leading Evangelist of the brand. Without a doubt, he was burning with the products and knew how to motivate employees.

To be an Evangelist of the brand, do not have to work in the advertising Department. Such people are everywhere. Is the real fans of the company, and they want to share with all stories about the product. So evangelism must start with the founders and CEOs. If the Manager doesn’t know what the organization does, where it must know the employee and the client? Founders have to be like Steve jobs.

Define values, mission and vision

Before moving on to how Steve jobs and Tim cook can motivate the employees, first, let’s quickly analyze what values, mission and vision of the company, as these tools are the basis of building your brand. These elements are necessary to attract and retain customers.

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Values: the accepted rules and principles, shared by employees of the organization. Core values usually perechisleny in the mission statement of the company.

Mission: a brief statement describing your goals and philosophy that define the essence of the company and the reason for its existence. Your mission should answer the questions, “What are we doing? What business are” This will help you to quickly and simply define a function, the company markets and competitive advantage. Company objectives should be determined by what the organization does for its customers, employees and owners.

Vision: this is what he wants to achieve a founder. It is an attractive image of the company in the future, the ideal or the dream that the company seeks to implement. Usually the vision is a vast reflection of the company goals and core values. It describes all the “why” and “how” to implement the tasks.

As a founder, you also need to convey the mission and vision to your team and to force her to believe in them. Here’s how Apple did.

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Apple is now an international icon for innovation and design, but the way the company started as a parent the garage. It’s not just luck. All due to their vision and mission. Over the years of development of the company they have changed a little, however, they continue to motivate employees and encourage them to productive work and innovation.

Mission Apple in 2017:

“Apple designs the Mac, creates the world’s best personal computers along with OS X, iLife, iWork and other software. Due to its players and one of the most famous online stores iTunes Apple had revolutionized the world of digital music. Apple showed the world the phones on the other hand with the iPhone and App Store, and solves the future of mobile media and digital technology thanks to the iPad.”

This statement details what the company stands for now and what plans in the future. They mention certain products to show the current state of Affairs of the company, but to list them is not always appropriate.

The vision of Apple in 2017:

“We believe that there are in order to make good products, and this will not change. We are constantly focusareas on innovation. We believe that beauty is in simplicity. We believe that should control the core technology underlying our products, and participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution. We say no to thousands of projects to focus on those few most important and significant. We believe in team spirit of our employees that allows us to do what others can’t. We strive for perfection in everything and always ready to admit they were wrong and change. We believe that these values are so deeply ingrained in our company that Apple will go successfully and in the distant future.”

The vision of the Apple is very detailed, because it helps to guide employees. You don’t have to be the same long the vision, do what is right for you. On the contrary, too detailed vision can be even worse — people can get confused or lost. In the Apple, such details reflect the company’s approach to ensuring continuous growth and success.

it mentioned a love of simple — but it is an integral part of going to the Apple design and product development

it mentions innovation

it mentioned how Apple carefully selects the markets.

So Apple is famous for user-friendly interface and the product.


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