GlobalFoundries has filed a lawsuit against TSMC, arguing that the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor products has infringed 16 patents of the American company.

Among the accused GlobalFoundries called numerous chip designers, including Apple, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and many others. The plaintiff claims damages from TSMC and asks that the courts have banned the supply of products (iPhone, iPad, every the Google Pixel, NVIDIA, and others), which uses semiconductors that allegedly infringed its patents.

GlobalFoundries reports that TSMC has infringed 16 patents, 13 of which are registered in the US and 3 in Germany. The patent covers various aspects of the production of microchips, including the chip using FinFET transistors. In particular, the company declares that in the production of 7-nm, 10-nm, 12-nm, 16-nm and 28-nm TSMC technology uses its intellectual property.

Given the fact that these production processes are used in the development of more than half of the chips TSMC, potential compensation, you can count on GlobalFoundries, billions of dollars.

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