At the end of October it became known about the plans of Apple to expand the MacBook Pro. Immediately after the second autumn of the presentation of cupertinos sent out a press release in which it reported about the imminent release of “proshek” Radeon Vega. Today these models have become commercially available. However, in Russia these laptops yet.

At the moment, the most available MacBook Pro equipped with a Radeon Pro Radeon Pro or 555X 560X. But now users have a choice. If you wish (and there is an impressive amount) fans of the iPad can get “Proshka” with Radeon Radeon 16 Vega Pro or Vega 20. These cards surpass existing solutions by more than 50%.

As for the cost, the higher performance graphics in 15-inch MacBook Pro will cost users at least $ 250. Version with even more powerful graphics card will add to the final cost of the laptop is another $ 100. Thus, for “Proshka” with Radeon Vega 16 users will need to pay 3 049 dollars, and with Radeon Vega 20 – 3 $ 149.

Data about when the new modification of the 15-inch MacBook Pro will appear in Russia, not now. It also remains unknown and the cost of such models.


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